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Get rid of fleas in house.  Kill fleas."The Environmental Flea Control Company"

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No Fleas for Up To One Year
Money-Back Guarantee!

The environmentally-friendly professional flea treatment that works like a
  scotch-guard to stop and prevent future flea infestations.

Fleabusters understands that special bond between you and your dog or cat, and we know that one important way to maintain that bond is to keep your dog or cat free of the discomfort and menace of fleas with our Fleabuster Flea Powder. It is a unique alternative to liquid pesticides and foggers. Our flea control powder cannot fail as it will kill fleas physically rather than chemically, thus fleas cannot build up an immunity to our flea treatment.  Treating your home with fleas once a year with Fleabuster Flea Powder will prevent fleas from being able to infest your dog or cat inside the home.

Fleabusters has served thousands of homes in Metro Atlanta, and we proudly stand by our "kills fleas for one-year" money-back guarantee.

The Fleabusters method is a unique, patented powder process that is only available from Fleabusters.
Get rid of fleas in house.  Kill fleas.

Fleabuster Flea Treatment

A Fleabusters Pestex trained technician will get rid of fleas in your house by applying an environmentally-friendly powder process to your carpets, area rugs, and upholstered furniture.  Our technicians use special application equipment to apply our product to your home.

Our product, called Fleabusters Flea Powder, is actually less toxic than table salt.  More importantly, our product does not control fleas chemically, but instead works as a physical dessicant to dehydrate the fleas life cycle and create an environment where fleas can no longer live or breed in your home.  The powder has adhesive qualities, which, after being applied to your home, allow the product to resist being removed by a vacuum cleaner.  A microscopic layer of Fleabuster will remain at the base of your rugs to provide a preventative layer of protection against future flea infestations.  This adhesive property of the Fleabusters flea treatment is what enables our company to offer the One Year, Money-Back Guarantee for which Fleabusters has become known among dog and cat owners. 

The Fleabusters flea treatment is the most comprehensive among exterminators in the pest control business.  Typical flea treatments using flea sprays or flea bombs only cover open and/or traffic areas.  
Your Fleabusters technician will carefully move furnishings such as sofas and chairs, and will use specilaized equipment to treat underneath heavy items such as beds and dressers. 

The typical professional Fleabusters application involving a house with wall-to-wall carpeting takes approximately one hour, with some larger homes requiring longer.

Please take a few more minutes of time to read the rest of our website. Information on the flea's life cycle, other methods of getting rid of fleas, do-it-yourself products, and common Q&A's will follow.

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One Year Guarantee

Fleabusters offers a full One Year, Money Back Guarantee to every customer. The guarantee ensures the total eradication of flea infestations in the homes which have been serviced. The guarantee is effective for 12 months from the date of the initial flea treatment. The guarantee will be honored with a reapplication to the home at no charge or money back. Guarantee is voided only if carpeting is shampooed, cleaned or removed.

"You Have Nothing To Lose But Fleas."
Guaranteed For One Year!

The #1 veterinarian recommended home flea treatment.
Veterinarians recommend dog and cat owners protect the pet's environment from fleas
and dust mites by treating the home environement with Fleabuster.
Don't take our word for it.  Read what the experts had to say:
"I think it's high time that all victims of flea infestations were informed of this one-step method of ridding the home of fleas."  "ASK YOUR VET" by DR. ANN HUNTINGTON, Nationally syndicated columnist and veterinarian.

Auburn University's School of Veterinary Medicine conducted long-term testing and published 2 major papers on (Sodium Polyborate) had 99.7% and 100% effectiveness with just LIGHT and MEDIUM applications.  "The minimal toxicity of (Fleabuster Flea Powder) far exceeds that of many other insecticides, especially organophosphates.  It's extremely low toxicity makes it an attractive alternative to other chemicals."  PROFESSORS JOHN McDONALD, BYRON BLAGBURN, CHARLES HENDRIX College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

"Excellent reports of (Fleabuster), preceeded my research involvement with (sodium polyborate powder), but I was even more impressed after the controlled laboratory and habitat study results.  Look alike competitors can't come close."  JOHN M. MacDonald, DVM, Associate Professor, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Dermatology

"On the inside, the remarkable efficacy of (Fleabuster Flea Powder) must be underlined.  It is very frquently used in North America.  The longevity of this technique surpasses one year, even with frequent vacuuming.  This method is very easy, extremely low in toxicity and moderate in cost."  "TREATMENT OF DERMATITIS TO FLEA BITE ALLERGIES" by DR. DIDIER N. CARLOTTI, Internationally recognized Board Certified Vertinary Dermatologist.

"Veterinarians with clients desperate from fleas in their homes are recommending FLEABUSTERS, a year long method of flea control that is getting very high marks from users.  Some veterinarians are so convinced of the methods effectiveness that they are buying franchises themselves."  VETERINARY PRODUCT NEWS

"If you want to control fleas in the home environment, FLEABUSTERS is a service without peer.  I've been recommending them to my patients for over 4 years now and nearly 100% of them are very, very happy.  CRAIG GRIFFIN, Author, Lecturer, Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist, Speech to American Vegterinary Association National Convention

"While flea control, both on the animal and in the environment, is still the hallmark of auccessful flea therapy, ONE MAJOR STRIDE forward is the availability of (Fleabuster Flea Powder) as an environmental control.  This substance acts as a dessicant rather than a pesticide.  It is applied by a professional exterminator licensed by a concern called Fleabusters.  DR. STEPHEN WHITE, DVM Diplomate of Veterinary Dermatology, Professor, Colorado State University.

"Well, here it is exactly one year since I had my home treated by Fleabusterrs and my home and dogs are still flea free!  That's quite a statement if you consider that I live in the heart of the South, on 8 acres of woods, with 4 long haired dogs.  I have not had to take any other flea control measures during the entire test period."  LINDA MURDY, Editor, GOOD DOG CONSUMER REPORTS MAGAZINE

Problems with other Commonly used Methods to Control Fleas

Monthly Flea Control Products Administered to Dogs and Cats.

Frontline - The active ingredient in Frontline is Fipronil.  Fipronil is a nerve poison.(10) It caused thyroid cancer in laboratory tests, and affected the development of the nervous system in offspring when pregnant mothers were exposed.(14) [Fipronil factsheet]

Advantaqe or Advantix - The active ingredient is Imidacloprid, which is another nerve poison.(10) It caused miscarriages and abnormal development of bones in laboratory tests with rabbits.(15) [Imidacloprid factsheet]

Program - The Active ingredient is Lufenuron .  Lufenuron is also one of the active ingredients in Sentinel.  It stops the development of flea eggs.(16) It is given to pets as pills or as a liquid mixed in food. In some dogs and cats, it caused vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, and itchy skin.(17,18)


Traditional Flea Treatments for the inside of Homes.

Issues to consider before using aerosol pesticide bombs for pest control

 Fleabusters speaks to people every week who say they have been trying to get rid of fleas in their house
by using flea bombs to kill fleas, to no avail.   Some people claim they have enjoyed great success using flea bombs to kill fleas in the past, saying the bombs worked great and that they "used them all the time."

 That's a somewhat humorous statement because if they were, indeed, using flea bombs with regularity then it might be taken as a sign that the flea bombs were not actually working much beyond killing the immediate adult fleas while leaving the rest of the home infested with the other 3 stages of the flea life cycle..

That's the beauty with Fleabusters.  One treatment does the trick and keeps on working to get rid of fleas in the home, guaranteed for one year.

But for fantasy sake, let's say there were an aerosol flea bomb on the market that would penetrate all 4 stages of the flea life cycle and reliably get rid of fleas in a house.  Would the use of such a method be worthwhile?  Many people grow so frustrated with trying to get rid of fleas in their homes before they find Fleabusters that they become willing to try anything, regardless of the pesticides being used inside the home.

Fleabusters has never been a big fan of any kind of pesticide bomb inside the home, if only because of the pesticide contamination  - clothes, bedding, pillows, furniture, toys, dishes...you name it and an aerosol will contaminate it.  Now think about how often children and pets will be putting their hands, mouth and feet in contact with those items. 

Pretty scary, isn't it?

This is where Fleabusters takes a huge lead over any competition.  Our product doesn't work chemically, and is actually less toxic than table salt.  Fleabusters works by desication, or physically drying up the flea life cycle.  The borate-derivative active ingredient also has a neutral p.h.of 7.0, making it even safer than regular Boric Acid, with much smaller particles.  

Most boric acids you would buy at the hardware store will be about the texture of laundry detergent, The course granules remain visible in your carpet until being vacuumed up..  Also, as the name implies, boric acid is acidic.  Our product is not an acid, has a neutral ph, and is guaranteed not to harm your carpets or any other surfaces.  The microscopic statically charged particles will be invisible after application, adhering to carpet fibers to resist vacuuming in order to kill the ENTIRE flea infestation and continue working to prevent new flea infestations in the future.

 Liquid Pesticide Broadcast Spray Applications to Carpeting

In order for a broadcast spray to be effective at getting rid of fleas in a home, virtually the entire surface of the carpeting needs to be sprayed.  Aside from the obvious contamination of the carpeting that takes place, there is also residual contamination of the rest of the home.  Today's spray pesticides are almost all water-based, which of course means that they evaporate.  That's not quite as much of an issue outside in the yard where wind currents, rain, and UV light will not allow for very long-term residuals, but what happens to the pesticide residue in your home that goes airborne with the water that evaporates?  You guessed it.  Same thing that happens with the pesticide in aerosol bombs - it winds up being absorbed by anything fibrous, which will always be a concern where children and pets are concerned, not to mention your own health.

      Take the natural approach to flea control in your home.                 

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Environmentally-conscious dog and cat owners choose Fleabusters  to control fleas...
And Here's Why!

Fleabusters Rx for Fleas is a Brand Name That's Recognized in the Pest Control Industry for Quality and Effectiveness!

    • For over 20 years, Fleabusters flea treatments have been getting rid of fleas in homes with our environmentally-friendly product.

    • Consumers and retailers trust Fleabusters because "It Really Works" to kill fleas and an unparalleled guarantee(No Fleas, One Year Money-Back) provides complete satisfaction that our product will completely get rid of fleas in your home.

  • Fleabusters environmentally-friendly product is a favorite of dog and cat owners and parents. Fleabuster Flea Powder has both federal and state EPA registration (89386-1).
Should you treat the outside of your home?

Treating yards for fleas with a professional application is beneficial to the pet, but the majority of flea problems are brought under control by focusing on the inside of the home first.  More information on Fleabusters Pestex outside flea control service is available by calling our offices.  A brief conversation with our customers is necesary before any recommendation to treat the inside of the home for fleas, treat the yard for fleas, or both. 

Philosophy of a Successful Flea Treatment Program.

A total flea eradication program would include treatment for the pet, home, yard, and control of the flea life cycle.  Each situation is different, with some homes requiring all of the above components, while others are controlled sufficiently by taking a selective approach.  A Fleabusters flea control expert can help you and family develop a flea treatment program that works for your family.

Removal of fleas from the pet alone is futile; immature fleas (eggs, larvae, pupae) develop off the pet and new adults simply jump on, causing subsequent reinfestation. New and safe products are available that can be used as part of a reduced chemical control program. There are also ways of making the environment less suitable for flea development, which is the premise behind Fleabusters - the carpets in your home are rendered uninhabitable to fleas.

Professional Extermination Applications Available in Metro Atlanta   

"You Have Nothing To Lose But Fleas."
Guaranteed For One Year!

Flea Biology and Life Cycle


There are over 2,000 described species of fleas in the world. The most common domestic flea is the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis felis). The dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) appears similar to the cat flea, but is rare in the United States. Not that it matters, but the vast majority of fleas found infesting dogs are actually cat fleas.  The sticktight flea (Echidnophaga gallinacea) can become a problem if pets frequent areas associated with poultry.

Eggs are oval, and smooth.  They are tiny (0.5mm), but visible to the naked eye. Their white color may prevent them from being seen on lightly-colored fabric. 

Small wormlike larvae (1.5-5 mm in length) hatch from the eggs. They are also visible to the naked eye. They are eyeless, legless and sparsely covered with hairs. The larval body is translucent white with a dark-colored gut that can be seen through the skin.

These immature fleas will eventually spin silken, watertight cocoons in which they will develop (pupate) into adult fleas. Cocoons are sticky, attracting dirt and debris. This camouflage may prevent them from being seen.

Adults are about 1-3 mm in length, reddish-brown to black, wingless, and laterally compressed.  Their powerful hindlegs are well adapted for jumping and running through hair and feathers.

 Life Cycle & Biology
Get rid of fleas in house.  Kill fleas.
Cat flea adults, unlike many other fleas, remain on their host. Females require a fresh blood meal in order to produce eggs. They can lay up to 1 per hour! The smooth eggs easily fall from the pet onto the carpet, bedding, or lawn. Eggs hatch within 2 days, and the developing larvae feed on dandruff, food particles, and skin flakes found on the floor around them. Adult flea fecal matter consists of relatively undigested blood. This dried blood also falls from the pet and serves as food for the newly hatched larvae.

Fleas prefer to develop in areas protected from rainfall, irrigation, and sunlight, where the relative humidity is at least 75% and the temperature is 70-90ºC. This stage lasts 5-15 days.

Larvae spin silken cocoons within carpet fibers, floor crevices, or protected outdoor areas in which they will develop (pupate) into adult fleas. The cocoons are sticky and easily camouflaged by local debris. Under optimal conditions, new adults are ready to emerge within 2 weeks. They develop faster at higher temperatures, but can remain in their cocoons up to 12 months. Vibrations and/or increase in carbon dioxide stimulate adults to emerge.  The watertight cocoon is the state of the fleas life cycle that allows flea infestations to survive applications of traditional insecticides.  It also the reason traditional pest control services only offer 30-90 day guarantees for flea control.  Pest control companies know the remaining fleas might not hatch from their cocoons for several months.

Adult fleas are the only growth stage that actually lives on the pet and feeds on fresh blood. They live 4-25 days.

In ideal environments, a flea egg can mature into an adult flea within 12 days, though the typical time period is longer. 
Detection and Monitoring

Detection is as simple as seeing fleas on your pet, noticing your pet scratching, or flea bites around your ankles. Perhaps there are small black pieces of dirt covering your pet’s bedding, or perhaps you’ve noticed tapeworm segments near or on your pet. The black dirt is the adult flea feces left behind to serve as food for larvae, and tapeworms are acquired by the animal’s ingestion of fleas. Another tale tail sign is the appearance of pearly-white eggs on flat surfaces occupied by the pet. Eggs become particularly apparent when contrasted on dark-colored surfaces. Soft, liquid-
filled flea eggs can be easily distinguished from sand grains by simply pressing them.

Monitoring is more difficult than simple detection. Fleas reproduce rapidly (one female can produce up to one egg per hour throughout her 4-week adult life), so if you spot one flea there are probably more. Shuffling around your home in white socks looking for fleas jumping onto the socks can help monitor hot spots for flea infestations, though not turning up any fleas after doing so doesn't mean much.  Odds are, if you indoor animal has a number of fleas, then your home most likely has
a hidden flea problem that has started to grow.

A recent phenomenon with flea infestations is the scratching dog or cat that otherwise shows no sign of being infested with fleas.  The pet is treated with monthly topical flea control products purchased from veterinarians, but continues to be bothered by fleas.  What is often happening in these situations is that adult fleas are developing in the carpets or area rugs of the home and then collected by the dog or cat before being killed by the monthly flea treatment applied to the animal.   Enough of these adult fleas are able to produce more flea eggs before death to sustain the flea infestation.   The end result is that each adult flea replaces itself, their offspring then replace themselves, all the while remaining invisible to the pet owner because the flea treatment applied to the animal continues to kill each adult flea.  The pet owner's treat and treat their yards assuming the flea infestation is outdoors, when in reality the majority of the problem is indoors.

      Take the natural approach to flea control in your home.                 

Fleabuster Flea Powder, WHEN APPLIED PROPERLY, will rid your home of fleas for one full year.  
Being thorough is very important, which is why your Fleabusters trained technician
will be
sure to move couches, other furnishings, and treat under beds.

Important Considerations

  • It is recommended that dust-sensitive individuals not be present during treatment.

  • You may resume normal vacuuming 24-48 hours following application.

  • Depending on the level of infestation, you may see residual flea activity for 2-
    6 weeks following application.  If such activity occurs, more frequent vacuuming is recommended.  Vacuuming is the key to bringing the infestation under control.

  • Remove bags from vacuum cleaner immediately after vacuuming and dispose of bags.

  • Reapplication is necessary following cleaning of treated carpets and/or rugs.

  • If you have further questions please contact us.
Questions and Answers

1.         Can this product be used around pets and children?
Children and pets should not be in treatment area during application but can come in immediately following application.  For instance, most people wait in one room while the rest of the home is being treated.

2.         Can this product be used by pregnant women?
Consult your personal physician.

3.         Can I use this on my pet?
No. This product is strictly for use in your home.  Your veterinarian will be able to recommend the best treatment for your pets.

4.         Will this stain my carpets, furniture, etc?
Our product has a neutral pH and no acidity and has been tested and approved for use on Stain master carpets.

5.         Can I apply this product right after shampooing?
Only if carpets and matting are completely dry.

6.         Is it really necessary to treat under beds and furniture?  My pets don't get in those places.
Yes.  It is very important.  Pre-adult fleas seek darkness and will crawl under beds, furniture, etc. to escape light.

7.         What about spills or pet accidents?
You can spot clean small areas of the home after treatment.


Your pets will love you for Fleabusters!

No Fleas, One Year Money Back Guarantee!  

A unique powder process only available from Fleabusters.

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